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What is your 1 hour workout routine?

Specifically, what helped with unplugging? Less negativity and irritability?

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"What is your 1 hour workout routine?"

I don't have a specific one, it depends on what my goals are at the time. I'm training for a marathon next month so right now I'm doing a lot of running and supplemental work. My wife and I also walk 2-4 miles a day which is a nice additional bit of activity.

"What helped with unplugging? Less negativity and irritability?"

Yes, and I also realized how much of your mental processing RAM the feed consumes. Anything you take in, even if it seems trivial, results in some background processing as you decide how to respond to it, and you'll often find yourself thinking about something you found on Twitter, Instagram, etc. hours later without intending to think about it.

By removing those stimuli, I created space for processing other things, like article ideas. It made writing easier because instead of opening my phone and looking at what Twitter wanted me to think about, I opened my phone and looked at my list of working articles which then nudged my subconscious to think about those topics.

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Nice, felt the same about unplugging when I did a digital detox cabin last year for a few days.

I knew it would help, but *knowing* after the experience was something else.

Another area where this applies is meditation. Sure, you can know the benefits but until you experience them there is no way to truly explain it.

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Hey Nate, what subreddits do you prefer?

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There's a lot to you, Nat! I am a Christian and so this seems to have a lot of spiritual application to me. You must have faith in God when He tells you to go a certain way, because of course we think our own way is going to be best. But we do not actually get the benefit or see the wisdom of the way of God until we walk in it. Trust, obey, then blessing. I know your point is not spiritual at all but that is how it spoke to me.

Another time you noted that you wanted to write a book that made a difference. I asked the topic and you said crypto. I don't think that's it. I mean, you could do that, but you have much more than that. Potential is sometimes annoying, isn't it? I don't have a clue what your magnum opus would be, but I think it is beyond crypto. Perhaps you were being sarcastic and I missed it. In any case, I always enjoy your work. Thanks!

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Very interesting. Makes me think I need to experience a lot more things.

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That is related to a problem of transformative experiences described in L.A..Paul's eponymous book. Her view is that it is impossible to make rational decision regarding such exeprinces.

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Loved this Nat. This is a simple but profound insight. I didn't think about this part (consciously) until I read it the way you presented it. >>> "The more beneficial the change would be, the less obvious or desirable it will seem to you." <<<

It reminded me of something I'd read in a book called Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne Dyer. Besides two important themes (which were new to me at the time) about making choices and living fully in each present moment, Wayne talked about deliberately doing something different each day e.g. walking home using a different path.

This is tangential to what you're saying but I thought it's worth mentioning because choosing to do routine things slightly differently opens the mind up to embracing change generally.

Thank you for writing this.

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